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105th ECB Chain of Command & Unit Structure: Rank

Private No insignia In charge of no one but himself, and usually not even that $50/month
Private First Class One stripe Same as above $54/month
Corporal Two stripes Assistant squad leader $66/month
Technician Grade 5 Two stripes with T No command. Rank is awarded to indicate a techincal expertese in an area $66/month
Sergeant Three stripes Squad leader $78/month
Technician Grade 4 Three stripes with T Same as the T5 $89/month
Technician Grade 3 Three stripes with T and a rocker underneath Same as the T5 $96/month
Staff Sergeant Three stripes with a rocker underneath Squad leader or platoon Sergeant $96/month
Technical Sergeant Three stripes with two rockers underneath Senior squad NCO $114/month
First Sergeant Three stripes on top, three rockers underneath, and a diamond in the middle Senior Company NCO $50/month
Master Sergeant Three stripes on top and three rockers underneath Senior Staff NCO $114/month
2nd Lieutenant Gold bar Platoon $1,800/year
1st Lieutenant Silver bar Platoon or company $2,000/year
Captain Two silver bars Company $2,400/year
Major Gold leaf Battalion $3,000/year
Lieuntenant Colonel Silver leaf Battalion $3,500/year
Colonel Eagle Regiment $4,000/year
Brigadier General One silver star Division $6,000/year
Major General Two silver stars Division or corps $8,000/year
Lieutenant General Three silver stars Corps or army $8,000/year
General Four silver stars Army group $8,000/year

How to place your insignia and chevrons on your sleeve.

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