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Over fifty years have passed since the actual events of World War II were played out across the fields of Europe. There the heroic deeds and mundane tasks of the 105th Engineer Combat Battalion, 30th Infantry Division were etched into history by their sweat and blood.

As the veterans of World War II pass away, we lose the living link to that time in history and the memories of those who helped shape events of the Twentieth Century.

  30th Infantry Division
  World War II Historical Re-enactment Society

was organized to authentically portray the combat engineer soldier in the World War II European Theater of Operations, and thus to honor these courageous men. Our goal is to keep alive the memory of their deeds and sacrifices through education, demonstration, and preservation.

We accomplish this through four main efforts:

Towards these goals, we work closely with the 117th Infantry Regiment,30th Division. During WWII, A Company of the 105th ECB was assigned to support the 117th IR, clearing mines for them, building bridges, and blowing holes in hedgerows. Anything that was necessary to make sure the 117th could keep moving forward and push the enemy back.

Today we continue that relationship between our two re-enacting groups. We trade information and equipment and participate in joint events, giving the public a more complete impression of how a combat unit operated during the war.

If you would like to have WWII reenactors at your next event or are interested in joining our group, contact Major Owens at hq105ecb@comcast.net.

"Let Us Try"

motto of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers