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105th ECB Chain of Command:

President of the United States: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman

Secretary of War: Henry L. Stimpson

Chief of Staff of the United States Army: General George C. Marshall

Supreme Commander, Allied Expeditionary Force: General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Commander U.S. 12th Army Group: General Omar N. Bradley

Commander U.S. 1st Army: Lt. General Courtney H. Hodges*

Commander U.S. XIX Army Corps: Major General Charles H. Corlett**

Commander U.S. 30th Infantry Divison: Major General Leland S. Hobbs

Commander 105th Engineer Combat Battalion: Lt. Colonel Carrol H. Dunn

Commander A Company, 105th ECB: Captain James F. Rice and Captain Leland Cofer

*also assigned to 3rd Army & 9th Army at various times
**also assigned to V, VII, X, XV, & XVIII Corps at various times

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