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105th ECB Bibliography:
This page is only intended as an introductory list of books and videos - there are quite a few more on engineers in general and the 105th ECB and 30th ID in particular, such as the 105th's after action report. These additional books tend to be dry reading, so I didn't include them here. But if you would like to check them out feel free to drop me a note and I'll send you the pertinent information.

"The 30th Infantry Division in WWII": By Robert L. Hewitt. 380 pages covering the 30th Division's participation in WWII. $42 from the 30th Division Association.
"The Battle for Mortain":: By Alwyn Featherston. 273 pages detailing the 30th's pivotal role in the Allied breakout from Normandy. $5.00 used from Amazon.com.
"Victory at Mortain": By Mark J. Reardon. 368 pages about the Battle of Mortain. $11.00 at Amazon.com.
"Aid Man!": By Robert B. Bradley. 130 page autobiography covering Robert's experiences as a medic with the 120th Battalion, 30th Division. Robert was captured at Mortain and spent much of the rest of the war in a German prisoner of war camp until rescued by the Russians. The book was published in 1970 and is currently out of print. $50.00 at Abe Books.
"Fire Mission!": By Robert Weiss. 216 pages about the Battle of Mortain. Robert Weiss was a forward artillery observer with the 30th Division. $12.21 at Amazon.com.
"The 51st Again!":: By Barry W. Fowle & Floyd D. Wright. 229 pages about the 51st Engineer Combat Battalion in WWII. This book gives a good view of what it was like to be engineer in the U.S. Army in WWII. $95 used from Amazon.com.
"The Damned Engineers":: By Janice Holt Giles. 409 pages about the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion in WWII and the Battle of the Buldge particularly. $13.79 used from Amazon.com.
"The G.I. Journal of Sergeant Giles":: By Janice Holt Giles. 399 pages about Sgt Giles' role with the 291st Engineer Combat Battalion in WWII. $90.50 used from Amazon.com.
"Engineering the Victory": By Col. David Pergrin. 441 pages showing the engineer's prominent role in stopping Hitler's armies in the Battle of the Bulge. $30 at Amazon.com.
"First Across the Rhine": By Col. David Pergrin. 337 pages about the 291st ECB's participation in WWII. Another good primer about engineers in the U.S. Army. $17 from Amazon.com.
"The US Army 1941 - 45": By Philip Katcher & Chris Collingwood. 40 pages. This book is from the excellent Men-at-arms series by Osprey Military. Details of the uniforms and gear for soldiers. Excellent photographs and illustrations. $13 from the Battlefield bookstore on Lake Street in Minneapolis.
"The World War II GI": by Richard Windrow & Tim Hawkins. 143 pages of U.S. Army uniforms, gear, and arms. Chock full of outstanding photographs. $42+ from Amazon.com.
"U.S. Army Uniforms of World War II": By Shelby Stanton. 279 pages of yet more uniforms, gear, and arms. $25 from Amazon.com.
"Basic Field Manual, Engineer Soldier's Handbook, FM 21-105": By the War Department. 163 pages about duties, gear, and techniques of an engineer. $5 - 15 at militaria shows and Ebay.
"Basic Field Manual, Soldier's Handbook, FM 21-100": By the War Department. 251 pages about what you need to know as a soldier. $5 - 15 at militaria shows and Ebay.
"Collector's Guide": By Henri-Paul Enjames 272 pages about WWII gear. This is THE book re-enactors need! $30 - 45 at militaria shows and Amazon.
"Collector's Guide": By Henri-Paul Enjames' volume II about WWII gear. This is the companion to the book above. $45 - 60 at militaria shows and Amazon.
"Individual Gear & Personal Items by the GI in Europe - 1942 to 1945": By James B Klokner 200 pages about WWII gear. Not as extensive as the book above, but a good companion nonetheless. $60 at Amazon.
"Builders & Fighters": By Barry W. Fowle of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 529 pages about the Engineers in WWII. It's dry dry dry, so make sure you have a case of beer handy to quench your thirst. $13 at Amazon.
"A Combat Engineer Remembers": By Norman C. Southergill. A small format book a member of the 150th ECB. $15 at Amazon.
"Combat Engineer": By William Thomas Venner. 229 pages about Corporal Venner of the 1271st ECB. $25 from Thomas Venner Books.
"Unbroken Line": By Albert E. Radford & Laurie S. Radford. 256 pages. Yet another book about the 51st ECB. $35 from Amazon.
"Fubar": By Gordon L. Rottman. 300 pages. A book about WWII slang. Includes American, British Commonwealth, German, Russian, and Japanese terms. $12.00.
"Spearheading D-Day": By Johnathon Gawne. 288 pages. Covers every aspect of D-Day except the airborne and the front line infantry. Uses excellent photos and drawings of the soldiers and the equipment used. A must-have for any engineer or WWII historian. $27 at Amazon.
"30th Division archival video": By the 30th Infantry Division Association. Covers Mortain, the Siegfried Line, and the Battle of the Bulge. To order contact

Dick Jepsen, 30th Infantry Division Association
2409 Lookout Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502
Email: dickjepsen@yahoo.com

Trailer for 30th ID film that's currently in production as of April, 2010.

"117th Regiment archival video": By Mike Pitruzzello. 28 minutes of black & white unnarrated video footage Mike got from the National Archives. The video is mostly about the 117th Regiment, but it does include three clips of the 105th ECB building a treadway bridge.

Topics include:
INFANTRY ADVANCE-BRIDGE ACROSS CANAL: Near Braunschweig, Germany 11 April 1945 (LIB 5398) LSs, Companies I, K and L of 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division, XIX Corps, Ninth US Army, cross canal. Sequence: German prisoners are taken by US infantrymen and questioned and searched in the streets. Members of 105th Engineer Battalion, 30th Infnatry Division, build short treadway bridge on pontons. MSs, first vehicle crossing treadway bridge.

LIB 4606 ATTACK OF SPELLEN: Vicinity of Ork(?) and Spellen Germany 24 March 1945 MSs, infantrymen of 117th Infantry Regiment, 2nd and 3rd Battlion, XIV Corps, Ninth Army march into Spellen. LSs, MSs, line of U.S. soldiers moving on road and across open field, crossing small creek. MSs, M-4 tanks parked outside of town start to pull out. MSs, LSs, long line of soldiers moving alongside of hedge in open field; smoke from burning buildings rises in background. MSs, CU, German prisioners are marched forward by U.S. sodliers. CU, burning building.

LIBERATION CEREMONY: Masstrrict, Holland SPX-H 11 March 1945 (LIB 4016) LHSs, troops from 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division, and large group of Dutch civilians assembled in town square for ceremony. MSs, Lt Gen Willian H Simpson, Maj Gen Leland S. Hobbs and the Burgomeister of Masstrict on balcony addressing the crowd. VS, Dutch children.

FRENCH AWARDS: Mechernich, Germany 12 March 1945 (LIB 4032) Sequence: French Gen Koeltz and Maj Gen Clarence R Huebner presenting Legion of Honor and Croix de Guerre to Brig Gen Edmund B Sebree and other officers.

Ordering info:
Send $30 plus $2.50 for shipping to-
Michael Pitruzzello
30 Gilbert Hill Road
Chester, CT 06412
Available in VHS or DVD. Please specify when ordering.

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