Adapters are necessary when firing blanks. Without them not enough gas is passed back to the receiver to eject the spent shell casing and load a new round.

There are two kinds of adapters: plug and gas cylinder nut replacement. For the plug, the end of the barrel is tapped and a plug screwed into place, shunting more of the gas back to the receiver. The other adapter replaces the gas cylinder nut at the end of the barrel. The top picture shows the plug itself. The middle picture shows the plug in place and what part the alternative adapter replaces, although not the adapter itself. The third photo shows the gas cylinder adapter.

Pros & cons: the plug adapter is easy to take out if you want to switch to live ammo. All you need is an allen wrench. The downside is it tends to come loose and you can end up sending it downrange while shooting blanks, which would be tragic if it hits someone. The gas cylinder adapter is much more secure, but takes longer to swap out.

You can buy the gas cylinder adapter from Guiette Manufacturing for $100 including shipping.

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