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War Department manual on how to pack the company clerk's field desk and record chest. You'll often see these desks listed as officer's field desks, which is just plain wrong. Officers review paperwork that privates and corporals type up, so you'll only see pictures of the lower ranks working at these desks, banging away on a typewriter. That's an early word processor for you younger folks.

This manual came from the infantry school at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA and is dated 5.1.43 (May 5, 1943). It also lists the process for packing the old field desk, which is very unusual. I've never seen one of those desks, so if you have one, hang onto it like it's gold. And if you do have to sell it, drop me a line first and we'll work out a deal.

Update: Rod from the 2nd ID was kind enough to sell me his pre-war field desk. So now I'm just looking for the pre-war record chest (Type B desk). If you find one in your travels, you know who to call!

Packing of the Field Desk and Record Chest
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